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October 2015
SportsDome CO, becomes part of the Westfield Web Design Family. SportsDome Company, are a global developer of multi use recreational sport dome facilities. Their new website will be up and running in the near future. They are the driving force and developer behind the Berkshire County Sports Dome in Pittsfield MA, opening in August of 2016.

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September 2015
Berkshire County Sports Dome, becomes part of the Westfield Web Design Family. BC Sports Dome will be a 90,00SQFT Sports Dome located in Pittsfield MA, They will ofer a wide variety of organized sports catering to leauges, tournaments and other varous activities.

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We all hear the term "eMarketing" but what is it? eMarketing really is a strategy, utilizing a number of innovative web-based solutions to market products and services to your existing customers and prospects. An effective eMarketing optimization strategy will also employ basic and if necessary, sophisticated search tools to ensure you are maximizing you ability to reach a targeted audience.

Westfield Web Design offers a number of products that can help you in many of these areas. SEO support which will help position your website for better ranking with leading search engines. Keyword and Site Optimization support shows you the words and phrases search engine users search for. We will also provide the analytics and report support needed to understand the activity on your website.

So how can Westfield Web Design Help?If you are not sure what you need or how to approach developing a multichannel eMarketing optimization strategy within your company, please contact us at Westfield Web Design and we will be happy to explore your options.