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October 2015
SportsDome CO, becomes part of the Westfield Web Design Family. SportsDome Company, are a global developer of multi use recreational sport dome facilities. Their new website will be up and running in the near future. They are the driving force and developer behind the Berkshire County Sports Dome in Pittsfield MA, opening in August of 2016.

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September 2015
Berkshire County Sports Dome, becomes part of the Westfield Web Design Family. BC Sports Dome will be a 90,00SQFT Sports Dome located in Pittsfield MA, They will ofer a wide variety of organized sports catering to leauges, tournaments and other varous activities.

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Social Media Marketing

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Social networking between the customers, business owners and service providers has become the backbone of Internet economy. The utilization of Social network has become indispensable for the Business owners.

Making their entry as a platform for people to get together and form online communities, social networking portals have rapidly evolved into functional market platforms that facilitate business collaborations and intelligent leads on the web.

Social networking systems can be used to create professional as well as niche social networks. Networking means marketing in this digital age of instant deals and transactions. Millions of potential customers are surfing the web every second. How do we get their eyeballs on our site?


So, How Can Westfield Web Design Help?
Social networking focuses on creating an identity with and interest among online communities of people who share common interests and/or activities. Whether it is helping you post on the latest mega-online networking sites or create forums and blogs on your own site, WWD can help you build a following within your targeted niche. Westfield Web Design will partner with you to create a social network through a combination of new SMM and classic marketing techniques that catalyzes your business and makes your customers the brand ambassadors.

Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, you can trust the design team of WWD t o turn your rough sketch into full-fledged social conversation portals. Creating social networks and branding is often a large investment in both time and money, - so let WWD do the work for you. At WWD you'll work with designers and engineers who have been developing advanced Web applications for almost a decade now.